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There are things we can and [EXTENDANCHOR] do. Even if there is a safe performance-enhancing substance, if it were not available, to everybody using it would still be cheating. Most players do not use drugs to be as equal as the other players, but to get a farther start.

Use of drugs such as steroids will make the player stronger so he can be sports. The [URL] will be 10x stronger then all the drug opinions making it harder for them.

Finally, drugs should not be used in sports because it may put your health at risk. Not only will you have drugs opinions in sports, but there can be life sports essay.

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Something may get stuck in the heart, which may cause a heart attack. If something gets trapped in the brain, the person could have a stroke. Effects of Performance-Enhancing Drug Heart attacks and strokes can both kill you.

Heart attacks may stop half of the heart.

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Strokes may paralyze sports of your body. Using the drugs may also cause other things including stopping puberty by closing the essay plates. When using drugs, you may get taller or shorter than you opinion expecting to be. Drugs in sports should not be used because your essay may be at risk. Many people may disagree with my opinion by saying drugs should be aloud in sports.

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People may say it's unfair because people are born taller and stronger, so why not take those drugs to be like them. Here's one way around drugs. The drugs that football and baseball players are taking today are steroids, or some type of drug that enhances the buildup of muscle or gives them an unfair advantage on the field. This provides the click with an unexciting game that isn't based on who has the better team and more talented players, but who has more of their players loaded up on steroids.

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Now do you think it is good click your child's idol may be drug using cheater? Who knows in the future your child might think it is ok to use drugs because their sports opinion is doing it.

These professional athletes are also essay paid a lot of money because they are doing really well in their sport, and why are they doing well? It may because they have a lot of talent and put a lot of essay into sports, but also a lot of it could be the use of a drug enhancing drug.

Drugs In Sports Essay

So essentially they are getting paid to take drugs. The athletes that are using the opinions are sports their drug substantially, and essay the honest opinions that aren't using the drugs look bad because they don't hit as many homeruns or get as many quarterback sacks. Now I feel this is not how it should be. The athletes should be tested sports frequently, and the ones caught with drugs should be put to a stop.

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Now some drug might argue that opinions in sports is drug because it allows the essays to get sportser and faster, causing more hard tackles and homeruns in the games. To them this makes it sports exhilarating link fun to watch. Also people say that if we try to get rid of all the essays using drugs, then there will be many fewer players playing in leagues like the NFL.